You are thinking about an interior renovation and are wondering if it requires a building permit. Generally most interior renovations do require a permit if changing the structure of the existing building. Matthews Design can complete site visits to verify the existing structure and would field measure the areas of work in order to produce “As Found” Drawings of your existing floor plans. All the site information would be transferred into AutoCAD to produce a set of existing plans which would then be used to generate design concepts for your new renovation. Matthews Design has completed many renovation projects such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom & basement layouts. These renovations sometimes consist of removing existing load bearing walls and replacing with a beam and other drawings are completed to show layouts for space planning. This alleviates the pressure on the homeowner when trying to receive quotes from either home building stores for materials or contractors to complete the construction. It essentially allows the home owner to hand out drawings to different contractors and receive quotes which will be apples to apples. The ultimate goal of having plans of your renovation is to have no guessing, no unknowns and no major increase in costs during construction, if the information is documented.

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