You are now looking at adding a new deck or extending onto an existing deck, or maybe wanting to change the appearance of your house by adding a porch. Even though the overall scope of work may seem small, there are still many rules, regulations, by-laws and licenses required by the municipality.

To start the process Matthews Design would be required to Field Measure the existing house footprint. Measurements would be transferred into AutoCAD to create a base drawing. An existing survey would be required, so that our office could check all Zoning by-laws and setbacks to ensure there are no encroachments with the proposed new structure.

The initial measured drawings are then used to start the Sketch Design process. At Matthews Design we create multiple options of designs, to show different ideas and concepts. The final phase of the Architectural process is the Working Drawings. Of all the phases the Working Drawings do not require a lot of meeting time with you; however it does require the most amount of work to complete the permit drawings. The working drawing package shows all structural information along with dimensions, details and construction notes. This information will provide a clear scope of work allowing professionals and tradesmen to be able to construct your project.

In addition to the working drawings is a building code review and a provincial License Stamp in order to submit the plans for building permit at your local municipality.

We will review and take responsibility for the design work on behalf of our firm registered under subsection 3.2.4 of Division C, of the Ontario Building Code. We are qualified and the firm is registered, in the appropriate classes/categories as regulated by the province.
There are also a few different sub-consultants that may be required for your project. Depending on where you are located you may be subject to the laws and by-laws of a Conservation Authority. There are several agencies that require different conditions and parameters to be met, again all depending on what municipality and area you live in.

Some porches or covered decks are designed using engineered roof trusses, which require a stamp from the truss company. There are other structural requirements, such as when your new structure exceeds Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code; the Municipal Building Department will require a Structural Engineer Review under Part 4 of the Ontario Building Code. This can be explained easier when at each specific property.

The final sub-consultant you may need, would be if you do not have an existing property survey by an Ontario Land Surveyor, a survey will be required in order to add all setback dimensions and existing drainage patterns to ensure it will not affect any neighbouring properties.

Again, even though the scope of work may be small it may feel overwhelming. As earlier mentioned in “How to Get Started” I hope you had a chance to write down any questions and give us a call, set up a meeting and we can lead you through your project. Remember, this is not supposed to be stressful. Look forward to hearing from you.